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Dec 23

Do Stumps Attract Termites?

Elite Tree Service of Anniston • Aug 09, 2021

Are Termites Attracted to Stumps in My Yard?

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As a tree service in Anniston, this is a common concern among homeowners. According to statistics, termites and other wood-boring pests cause $30 billion in damage to crops, homes, and other man-made structures. Termites are eusocial insects that eat the organic matter found in wood (cellulose).


In the event of an infestation, this can result in substantial structural damage for homeowners, which is why it's critical to understand what attracts termites.


Is it possible that termites will be drawn to an old tree stump in your yard? To provide you a speedy answer, tree stumps can attract termites.


Termites that are attracted to tree stumps include dampwood and subterranean termites. The subterranean termite is the most common and common type of termite. They'll devour almost any wood or anything that contains cellulose.


Dampwood termites, on the other hand, like to feed on decaying and rotting wood. If you find dampwood termites in a tree stump, don't panic. They aren't a threat to your property right away. Subterranean termites, on the other hand, are a different story.


Signs of a Tree Stump Termite Infestation


You can typically detect if a tree stump is infested with termites by looking for a few indicators. The existence of hollowed wood is the most important factor.


Termites rarely eat from the outside of a structure. Instead, they begin feeding from within the structure and work their way out. If the tree stump seems or feels hollowed, termites have most certainly infested it.


A basic test for identifying if a tree stump is hollow is to poke it with a screwdriver. If the screwdriver glides through with relative ease, it's usually because the inside has been nibbled away by termites.


Another sign of a termite infestation is the presence of lost wings in a tree stump. Although both termites and flying ants have wings, the latter does not use them. As a result, discarded wings discovered on or near a tree stump indicate the presence of termites.


Remove the Stump


The good news is that often, removing the tree stump from your yard will cure the problem. Turning a blind eye will only make the situation worse.


Once the stump has been devoured, termites will move on to other nearby wooden structures, including your home. If you suspect a tree stump in your yard is infested with termites, have it removed as soon as possible to avoid significant property and home damage.


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