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Tree Trimming Costs

Oct 23



Homeowners typically pay $315 to $700 on average for professional tree trimming near me. Most homeowners pay $475. For a small job such as tree trimming, homeowners may only pay $85 while others might pay $1,267 to trim a tree that is more than 60 feet high.


Your total cost will depend on many factors, such as how many trees you need to trim, their health, and where they are located. Additional charges will apply if you also need to remove a stump or tree.

Our pricing guide can help you estimate the total tree trimming costs or additional services.

What Is The Cost Of Tree Trimming?

  • Average national cost: $475
  • The typical range is $315 to $700
  • Low End: $85
  • High End: $1.267


These numbers are not representative of all costs and may vary depending on your specific needs.

Pruning costs are affected by tree size

The cost of tree trimming will depend on its size. A taller tree will be more expensive to trim than one that is shorter. Larger trees require more work to trim and prune. Here is a rough breakdown of the average cost for professional tree trimming:


30 Feet or Less - Trees up to 30ft high, such as Russian olive trees and dogwoods, can be purchased for between $75 and $450.

Trees from 30 to 60 feet can be trimmed by professionals for a cost of $150 to $875.

60 feet and taller - To have a tree that is exceptionally tall, such as red oak or pine, trimmed professionally by a company, you can expect to spend between $200 and $1,000.


Palm Tree Trimming Cost

Costs are generally higher for taller palm trees. Palm tree trimming is expensive at $80 to $3550 for trees less than 30ft tall and $250 to $1,200 for trees 60ft taller.


Pine Tree Trimming

Large trees, such as oak and pine trees, can be trimmed by a professional tree service for between $300-$1000. Expect to pay 40% more if the tree cannot be reached easily.

Extra Costs

Some services can increase the cost of tree trimming. For instance, an hour of emergency tree pruning or trimming will cost you approximately $250. For large trees, broken or dead branches to be removed from them, you'll need to pay about $1,000. The cost of clearing a large tree will be more if the company does not own a truck. Instead, workers will have to climb it.

There are many factors that affect the price of tree trimming by professionals. These are:


  • The tree's location
  • Time since the last pruning
  • Accessibility
  • The tree's health
  • Travel expenses for employees who have to travel long distances in order to visit the  business


Even though tree trimming in Georgetown can be costly, it is worthwhile to have the pros do it. If you find a dangerous tree branch or limb near a utility line, please contact the utility company. Be careful be Safe!!