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How much does it cost to top trees?

Oct 25


Tree trimming costs range from $200 to $760. The national average is $460. Trees under 30 feet can be trimmed for as little as $75 and cost as much as $400. For trees over 60 feet, trimming can cost up to $1500.


Your total cost will depend on many factors, such as how many trees you need to trim, their health, and where they are located. Additional charges will apply if you also need to remove a stump or tree.


Our Pricing Guide will help you estimate your total cost, no matter how large or complex the tree is.

DIY Tree Trimming Costs

Tree trimming can be done by anyone who is interested. While DIY tree trimming is inexpensive, it can also take a lot of time and effort. It can also be dangerous. Professional companies charge high prices because trimming trees is not an easy task. If you have a small tree that you need to trim or prune, it is best to let professionals do it. You can take things into your own hands if you decide to do so.


It may be possible to rent heavy-duty gas tree trimmers in some areas. You can expect to spend between $40 and $50 to buy a standard hand-held pruner or lopper. While a gas pole pruner will cost you at least $180 it will do the job faster and more efficiently. Hand-held pruners or loppers can only be used on small branches and fruit trees. You have to hire a tree-trimming company if you have large trees that require trimming.

How much is it to trim large Oak trees?

Oak trees can become very large, which can make it difficult to trim. It can take a lot of skill and equipment to trim oak trees because they are so large. The job becomes more difficult when the branches grow too large and are hard to trim.


Oak tree trimming is expensive. The cost of trimming Oak trees will range from $950 to $1700. This is dependent on the amount of trimming performed. You may need to pay extra attention to certain trees, such as a canopy lift.

Cost of tree trimming in the U.S.

The average cost of professional tree trimming in the U.S. is $315 to $700.

Be aware that all costs in this pricing guide are national averages. These prices could vary depending on where you live. Rates can be affected by local demand and how tall the trees are in your area.